sherman and mr. peabody report way back machine stolen by GOP

i just read where a GOP attendee threw nuts at an african american camera woman and said “this is how we feed the animals.” while i cannot verify it’s accuracy, or that the attendee was ejected from the convention, the incident does speak to the entire paradigm of the GOP platform, and if we were living in 1940.a strange paradigm it is, considering we are in the year 2012, and the GOP is dredging up past beliefs like they were grave robbers scratching the dirt to unearth issues from long ago. abortion, gay marriage, immigration, education, social services…are all threatened to go up in the flaming flatulence that is the current plan should the republican party be elected in november.

mind, if that actually happens, i will be packing a few bags, buying a one way ticket to new zealand for myself, my husband and our pets, and we will abandon skull island, our home for the last eight years. because skull island is located in the buckle of the bible belt, it would be nice (and snarky) to donate it and its contents to a cause far removed from the christian right wing’s heart… perhaps a bed and breakfast that specializes in gay weddings, or a halfway house for immigrants who might need a bit of help adjusting to their new, incredibly prejudiced surroundings. perhaps a planned parenthood clinic for the neighborhood would be a heavy liberal touch.

of course, i am repulsed by most of the platform, but one thing i really don’t understand: why are rich while men so threatened by women? most of the soundbites coming out of GOP mouthpieces are specific to woman and their reproductive health. “no abortion. not even in cases of rape or incest.” “the woman’s body can just ‘shut down’ a pregnancy of legitimate rape.” “the rapist should have visitation rights once the child is born.” “some really great people have been born as a result of rape.” REALLY? and what about all these rapists? do any of them go to jail? does the baby/child need to be trolled to the prison where the rapist resides? and just who are these wonderful people born out of rape?

I much prefer to look forward and embrace progress, equality, tolerance. to wit, marriage is a legal commitment between two people. who cares if they are the same sex? and planned parenthood should have their coffers filled to the gills to inform young men and women about sex. clearly, they don’t know enough or there wouldn’t be so many teen pregnancies and abortions. i support planned parenthood and informative sex education in schools. i support birth control in any form, and believe that no one *wants* an abortion. also, i believe this country was founded by immigrants (my parents being great examples) with big ideas and dreams. that tradition should continue. i believe education should be available to everyone, regardless of their income. i believe teachers are vastly undervalued in this country and should be treated and remunerated as the heroes they are. i believe those that have more money should pay more taxes. LOTS more taxes. [it’s amazing to me how it’s okay for the 1% to get away with paying no taxes (and in many cases getting a tax break on something as ridiculous as a dressage horse) when the rest of the country pays dearly on social security, unemployment, state and federal taxes.]

and here’s the biggie: religion and government are two separate entities. don’t bundle them. i hate bundling. separation of church and state is a fuzzy issue as it is not mentioned specifically in the constitution. the first amendment begins to address the issue, but only by clarifying one cannot be persecuted for their religion. john lock’s social contract, the treaty of tripoli, thomas jefferson, james madison and john f. kennedy all addressed the issue but the raveling edges remain. and the right wing fundamentalist christians are going to ride that parade float as long as they can.

mr. peabody, sherman and the way back machine