prescience is best

to say the fifty shades of grey triology has sparked a sales spike in erotica is an understatement. of course all the assorted bits and bobs that go along with bdsm have realized sales increases too, but that’s to be expected. what is wonderful is that people are reading and reading and reading. and after reading, they want more.

my prescient friend brenda knight, (associate publisher of cleis press in san francisco) is quoted in TIME magazine as saying “we’re having a kinky moment”, referring to the sales increase at the sex-focused publisher. their sales have tripled in the last five months alone. the flood gates have now opened and people are “out” about reading erotica (even if they do purchase the e-book version.)

e. l. james’ (author of 50 shades) recent appearance at sdcc or comic-con, is further proof the erotica genre is now out and in the open. there are rumors she is writing another triology, this time from christian grey’s viewpoint. and then of course, a movie (or movies) are in the works: bret easton ellis in talks to write a screenplay for the wildly successful trilogy (my pick for christian grey: henry cavill and for ana steele: anne hathway.) and of course, hotels are offering 50 shades packages. (i understand there are satin ties and lubricant involved.)

this trend, i hope, will signal a change of heart amongst those who look at coitus as a purely procreative act. to reduce sex to such a myopic viewpoint does everyone a disservice. and i’m kinda thinking those people who preach it loudest are the same ones who could really use a good, long screw.

read more of the TIME article here: summer reading

below: some of cleis press’ best sellers of the moment. purchase here

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One thought on “prescience is best

  1. While I do appreciate that people are reading, and “coming out” about reading erotica, I think these books do more harm than good to the BDSM community. I foresee (if its not already happening) people who read these books, or will see the movies, as the “bible” of BDSM. These people will be untrained and uneducated about real BDSM, causing possible injuries to others or themselves. I don’t anticipate they will attempt to educate themselves beyond the 50 shades trilogy. I won’t be surprised to start hearing news reports of broken bones, severe bruising, mental anguish, and assault charges because these people may not even understand basic (and somewhat out of style) rules of something like safe, sane, consensual.

    A great example here is the disgraceful movie “Exit to Eden” very very loosely based on the novel by Anne Rice. It portrayed BDSM is such a poor light, and even more so, attempted to make light terrible humor of our community.

    Beyond that, you have people truly in the BDSM community that will have these “50 shades” people coming into our community and I think there will be a lot of friction when these people get a wakeup call about what BDSM, kink, and fetishes.are actually about, and how our relationships work.

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