annnnnnnnnd, she’s back.

today, like so many other days, i spent in front of my computer. i’m making a concerted effort to keep up with the social networking thing. i do this because i like it, but at this stage it’s becoming an unwieldy two year old toddler.

how is one supposed to keep up with facecrack, etsy, svpply, pinterest, twitter, tumblr, linked in and wordpress? it’s overwhelming. perhaps it would be more manageable if i aggregated with less detail and didn’t care so much about how things are presented. WHAT WHAT WHAT? yes, that would save time yet would also present my interests in a slapdash fashion. not exactly what i’ve ever wanted.

yes, OCD, perfectionism…they are here. but so is procrastination, fueled by the vast amount of things that interest me and those i want to share. it’s very strange that various people all over the world, who have never met me, who read my posts, tweets and blatherings on regularly. what makes this all so interesting to others than myself? i haven’t a clue. surely, if my parents would get over their computer-phobia, they’d show interest. but that is part of their job. what about all you other people out there?

time and again i’ve been told that people just LOVE reading my posts on facecrack. they don’t leave comments or even “like” them, they simply like to know what bold and racy shite is going to froth forth from my brain to my fingers to facecrack. fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, i wasn’t issued a “censor” mechanism at birth so i have a tendency to spout off often, and apprently spout colorfully.

so today, i shall merely write this wee essay, as i’ve spent the day organizing my thoughts about how to proceed with this plethora of communication avenues. and oh, jesus, i just remembered another site i love where one can make lists. my goal is to make a list of all my lists. but that might take a while.

also, i need to pay attention to “viewed from the floor”, a blog written by my pet miniature pig, mathilda. she’s been begging me to assist her as she’s grown so large her hooves are no longer effective on the human sized keyboards. and i suspect, being a porcine diva, she relishes the idea of having someone to dictate her thoughts and musings so they appear magically on her blog.

until my recovering teeth allow me to live a normal life (lots of dental surgery lately), i should have some time to sort my thoughts. all gazillion of them.