phoenix from the ashes or just a bunch of hot air?

Methinks it may be time to resurrect this old thing. I’ve even been ignoring my tumblr blah-g and all the blog rolls to which I subscribed. This snap brilliantly captures how difficult thinking and making decisions is for moi. très tragique, n’est-ce pas?


There have actually been some interesting and promising developments on the designer front, and I’ve opened a gallery and creative education space with my sister in our tiny hometown of crawfordsville, indiana. If early reports should predict our future success, we will have something the community wants and needs. creativeLAB is a great combination of self indulgence and community service. Starting a business is really time consuming, difficult and exhausting. Just ask my sister, Anne Sipahimalani. But you’ll have to wait until she wakes up.


Some of my ladder necklaces: