you may have noticed…

that i’ve been awol. i just haven’t been feeling the blah-g lately and i am regrouping. the blog is being redesigned while i figure out just exactly what purpose i want this blog to serve. until now, the blog has just been an outlet for the crazy stuff in my head, stuff that catches my eye, and comments on political and current events. the writing has been lackluster and the research practically nil. i’m going to change that, and i hope you will enjoy the new and improved blog once it arrives.

i’m not publishing a time frame for the new and improved m0d schm0d because i’m not really feeling schedules either.

thanks for coming back even though nothing new has been going on. i promise the new m0d schm0d version 2.0 will not disappoint.

until then, i am hoping iran’s good people will prevail, i will mourn the loss of michael jackson, keep abreast of the men’s spring 2010 fashion shows, keep my eyes peeled for great art, design and architecture and most of all, CHILL.

photobooth photoshop bw 09.06.09 iran green


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