cross pollinating: zaha hadid for lacoste.

in her first outing as a shoe designer, zaha hadid collaborated with shoemaker melissa (known for using eco friendly materials molded into shoes.) like her buildings, her shoes are bold lines and structured. because the shoes are one piece, there is no fastener, so one must thread their foot through the maze of straps. 



in her new collaboration with lacoste, hadid continues the strappy theme, but with more editing. in lieu of lacing that might crawl up the leg or around the ankle, hadid combines the functional and sculptural into one, with the shoe extending in a coil that wraps around the calf or ankle. from the press release: “Featuring a digitized version of Lacoste’s famous croc logo and a pliable, coiled strap system, the styles bring Hadid’s signature look to footwear for men (an ankle boot) and women (a calf boot).”

the shoes will be launched during london fashion week this september coming. the edition is small; only 850 pairs will be manufactured. they will be sold at outposts colette (paris), 10 corso como (milano/tokyo/seoul) and dover street market (lond0n).

A Preview of Zaha Hadid’s Shoes for Lacoste     

Photo: Courtesy of Lacoste

   Photo: Courtesy of Lacostezaha-hadid-lacoste-footwear-front-540x354 Zaha Hadid x Lacoste Footwear





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