Hotel Boutique La Purificadora

I saw this picture the other day while trolling the internets and thought it was crazy, cool and unsettling all at once. crazy: who would have a lap pool in their home situated above a walkway (?). cool: it’s a novel and clever idea. unsettling: it smacks of the creepy underwater peep shows. still worth a thought and a second glance.


then, whilst trolling the internets later in the same day, i come across this story on Hotel Boutique La Purificadora, Mexico. previously an ice factory during colonial days, this hotel features a similar concept for a lap pool, albeit in a public place. definitely a bolder application and even more unsettling: “hi, i’m having cocktails, how’s your workout coming along??” or “hi, i’m swimming, but i’d rather be having a smart cocktail.!”

the hotel name conjures a spa-like resort (purificadora) and the pictures illustrate that vibe. perhaps others have a different take on the unique location of the lap pool? see comments from the source below:

Hotel Boutique La Purificadora is located in the oldest part of the historic center of Puebla just opposite of the Church of San Francisco. Converted from colonial stucture from the 1800s, the hotel used to be an ice factory. Much of the old structure including the wood and stone walls have been incorporated in the new design.

Hotel Boutique La Purificadora, Puebla, Mexico, by LEGORRETA + LEGORRETA via: Plataforma Arquitectura


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