bye bye sewing machines, hello glue.

the leap from thread to glue has existed in the technical clothing industry for years. i recall some of the first laminated technical gear when gore-tex first hit the market. technical clothing joins pieces of fabric in complicated ways i know not how to explain. the construction with gluejeans is simple pimple: denim and glue. and so dungarees are getting their glue on. sloppy application allows the glue to become a fun design element, making the garments look more distressed than if the glue weren’t visible. the dark glue is subtle but i like the orange glue that flaunts itself like the ochre stitching on a pair of levis 501s. the idea of gluing garments together makes me re-think my relationship with my trusty bernina sewing machine. 

droog designs showcased the jeans at amsterdam international fashion week at the beginning of the year. from their website: The designer duo Gerrit Uittenbogaard & Natasja Martens left the sewing machine for what it was. They figured that glueing instead of sewing actually works; even for a conventional, steady pair of jeans. It took a while to find the right glue, with the right liquidity and colour, but it passed G+N’s two-year test: Gluejeans is a high quality, durable piece of exclusive fashion. Gluejeans is handmade in the Netherlands and is available in limited edition only. G+N won a Dutch Design Award for Gluejeans and have been nominated for the Audi Design Award as well as the Fashion Award. Check out www.gluejeans.com for more details.



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