the cubicle, re-imagined.

the inverted cubicle? this workspace is designed to accomodate “three stages of modern office work flow.” the seating, while interestingly designed, only looks ergonomic for “relaxing” (i haven’t worked many places other than my home where reclining is encouraged0). more appropriate for home use, or even adapted for airplane seating, this comes via designer: o4i, via yanko design. see the proposed use of the unit, in the explanation below.

The 3 stages included in the modern office work flow:

1. SOCIAL – INTERACTIVE: Meeting – Presenting – Socializing -Teamworking: Standing up with the laptop on a high desk.
2. FUNCTIONAL – FOCUSED: Preparing – Producing: Sitting down on an ergonomic chair with the laptop on a desk.
3. CASUAL – PRIVATE: Summarizing – On the phone – Taking notes – Relaxing – Contemplating: Lying down with the laptop on your lap.


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