fluid faucet.

the fluid faucet engenders drinking tap water. (anything that can wean the world off bottled water = good.) it’s a pretty and fun design that appears easy to use. i don’t do this, but some people stick their heads underneath the faucet in a sink to get water. it always looked dangerous to me, not to mention icky. this faucet eliminates the need to wrench your head in the sink, and you won’t need a glass if you are brushing your teeth or just want a quick drink of water. methinks it would also be quite handy when washing your face.

the design: there is something about the scale of individual components of this faucet/fountain that bother me (the pieces look like an awkward fit.) also, it looks as though it would be difficult to keep clean. yet the flat spout that delivers the water in a clear ribbon absolutely fascinates me. perhaps i am easily amused by novel water delivery systems as my upbringing did nothing to inform my design sense. we had the same, construction grade faucets installed in the rest of the suburbs. the baths in our current house are axor/hansgrohe, but nothing quite this fancy.

The Fluid Faucet by Köhler Design, via here.


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