excitable architect daniel libeskind in warsaw.

©aldinger & wolf

i know daniel libeskind loves what he does. he spoke at aiga in denver in 2007 and his enthusiasm was infectious. later that week a reception for aiga would take place at the denver art musuem, which he also designed. to hear him speak of his process and stories about his work is a treat. during his thorough description of the denver museum, i took lots of mental notes. when there, i went searching for all the obtuse and irregular angles that might have a wee corner through which to peer at denver at night. the building was a bit like being in a very complicated piece of origami, simultaneously full of wonder and angst.

and now there’s a hint of a new look on the warsaw skyline, with libeskind designing in his native poland. citing waraw city history as inspiration, zlota 44 is a 251 unit apartment building on 54 floors, still under construction (with a projected completion date of 2010.) 

libeskind wanted to make a statement about warsaw in contrast to the generic buildings that now zigzag the skyline. the angular (duh) east side of the structure is based on the sun’s path and provides daylight to surrounding buildings [very thoughtful.:)]. the idea of creating a residential building was important to libeskind, and hopes this new building will de distinctive [i think he got his wish.] like most major metropolitan residential buildings, zlota 44 will also have retail space on the ground floors.

for more information on daniel libeskind click here

photos ©aldinger & wolf

L:©aldinger & wolf, R:©SDL

©aldinger & wolf

©aldinger & wolf

photographs ©aldinger & wolf and©SDL


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