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vulcanized paper pulp. who knew?

this whispery yet sturdy structure made of vulcanized paper pulp supports the weight of a human (she looks pretty thin, but still…) and delicate paper love strikes again.

somewhere, bucky fuller is smiling. a repeating shape gives this chair its surprising strength, much like the geodesic dome created by fuller. i’m not qualified to write discourse on physics, but i do know this chair is amazing. i’d like to lift it with one hand to feel it’s light as a feather weight. i’d like to touch it to understand vulcanized paper pulp. and, i’d like to sit in it to see if it would support *my* substantial weight.


text below via the daily icon

Japanese architect Ryuji Nakamura has come up with an elegant chair design made entirely of paper (vulcanized fibre). The unique form of this seemingly fragile yet functional seat pushes the boundaries.

Hechima 4, by Ryuji Nakamura 


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