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patriotic paper architecture.

i think i am a bit patriotic these days. i’m loving the new presidency, first family and the new directions in which this country seems to be moving. i don’t agree with all that is going on yet we needed big change and i think that is slowly coming down the pike. surely after so many years of running the country into the ground it will take some time. i’ll wait right here, patiently.

it appears that i’m not alone in my patriotism or the artist below (jill sylvia) just likes governmental, institutional architecture. no matter, the paper sculptures are mighty strong, and the technique alone worth a long, lingering second glance. can you say obsessive compulsive? how about perfectionist? how about tenacious?

also, i love the reference to our country’s money issues with the use of ledger paper. subtle, but not unnoticed. and the dichotomy of a fragile paper structure re-imagining highly fortified structures. me likey.

Untitled (U.S. Capitol Building), Hand-Cut Ledger Paper (8.5 x 15x 7) 2008.



Untitled (White House), Hand-Cut Ledger Paper (4 x 11 x 6.5) 2007.


paper sculpture: Jill Sylvia. via Make


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