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french twist: contemporary takes on neoclassical settee.

the tapisserie and phonique by nika zupanc have a french air about them. the settee configuration coupled with the sleek wood (typically a settee is upholstered, but why cover gorgeous lines and texture?). the cushions add some frog energy too; with lacy insets and lots of ruching. lots of french ruching on salmon-y pinkish tarty frenchy fabric.

the linear shapes are consummately modern and very, very sexy. perhaps these pieces dare  to *invite* erotic pleasure. the phonique has the added convenience of a tall back, as if enclosing the potential occupants in their own little world. imagine a very elegant brothel decided to hire someone like marcel wanders to design their interior, and all the clients would be entertained by lovelies who spoke only french in a hushed tone.

yet in the real world, these pieces, even though quite simple and minimal, create an atmosphere that begs for more complicated situations. while i could have the phonique in my home, it seems like it would be happier in a posh hotel lounge or the scenario above. 

Tapisserie and Phonique, Sofas in C Minor, by Nika Zupanc via the daily icon.


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