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MUJI taste leaf book

i’ve written more than one post about how much stuff i’ve accumulated in the last dozen years. the other day, i was cooking (yes, it surprised me, too) and looked in the cabinet under the hob for some herbs. we purchased a number of herbs and spices when we moved into our house, but it dawned on me that we moved into the house almost five years ago.

herbs and spices don’t last that long: another useless mess i need to cull out of my house. so, instead of replacing the expired seasonings with same, i thought this little book by MUJI was fab. i have no idea of its efficacy; i just like the design and the idea.

the book is filled with edible pages infused with spices and flavorings. need white pepper? look for the white paper, erm, i mean white pepper page. detach, and add to the dish. simple pimple, right? unforch, i think this item might be too good to be true. but i remain a steadfast MUJI fan. (for the uninitiated, MUJI is sort of like a japanese IKEA. the name means “with no label” or something to that effect. MUJI has come to the shores of america; there are two shops in manhattan. they’re all over europe and asia.)

Designer: Nick Bampton via Yanko Design


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