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audrey hepburn + her hats = heaven

few women, if any, have approached the singular beauty that was audrey hepburn. while going through my blogroll today, i happened on the first two photos on my favorite gay blog (only photos!). i realized i have many more on my computer, and thought i might share with the rest of the planet. (the final photo is from the movie “funny face” with fred astaire.) many of the photos show her unbelievably swan like neck. audrey was a one-off; thank goddess we have the pictures to keep her image alive.

no one could wear a hat quite like audrey. the muse of hubert de givency, she made everything she wore into something special. that she could wear the most eclectic of headgear and make it perfectly glamourous was truly a testament to her timeless beauty. and i believe that she was indeed flawless on the outside, but she was also quite the altruist. her outward beauty is what intrigued the public, but it was her inner beauty that kept them captivated.

on this rainy day in georgia, please enjoy the happiness, caprice and loveliness of audrey in hats:



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