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“silberfisch” filled with yummy furnishings by confused direction.

for my 40th birthday, my husband was kind enough to take me on a canalboat tour of wales. the boat was long and narrow, and even though the quarters were cramped, it was comforting having everything in a compact living space, where clutter was prohibitive. every inch of the space was allocated for something useful, and there was no room for more.

the houseboat (or floating barge) seen on this post [called “silberfisch” (silver fish), located in oldenberg, germany] is the same idea, taken to stylish and uber functional extremes. while the vessel maintains the same general gestalt of a house boat, it’s design and interior speak more to the sophisticated design maven and homeowner. i could happily live in a space such as this, but it would take some planning, and some offsite storage for seasonal  items and books!

for more info click here.

the interior and furniture created by flo florian and sascha akkermann of confused-direction. the vessel was built by die Schreinermeisterei.

kitchen with refrigerator, dishwasher, gas stove, oven-E

resofloor in “gray prismatic” by lars contzen

bath with shower, bio-toilet, washing machine

details of furnishings by confused direction (some a bit overdone)

windows in the living room

green roof 

roof terrace 17m ²


-ventilated facade Resoplan “Silver Beaver”, 6mm
Insulation made of hemp and wood fibers
-Beams construction:
Window frames made of wood / Painted
Window Mounts facade in Larch / untreated
Preparing for Solar / Photovoltaic
All exterior wood in larch / untreated
Length: 14.22 m
Width: 4,22 m
Height: 4.6 m + 0.9 m
Draft: 0.53 m
Weight: 13.6 tons
Size: inside 40 m² + 5.5 m² bedroom level
Total foreign 33m ², of which 17m ² roof terrace 


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