just a simple house for two.



A straight house on an oblique plot cause the architecture and the unobtrusive landscaping to twist the axis. The parterres of the garden have also helped to allay the impression of the public highway traversing the lower part of the plot. This house, designed for a builder and his wife, reflects the self-consciousness of a couple who do not balk at letting their personality be expressed in their building.

Like the two individuals for whom the house is built, the two volumes look out to sea, one of them a little more prudently over the other one’s shoulder.

The pale concrete frame is followed through in a pale-stained, room-length solid Oregon pine for the flooring and fittings. The glass wall crossing the edge of the roof beams creates a seamless contact between building and terrace. This ends in a black concrete pool, the water of which is constantly flowing over the edge, becoming part of the building’s façade.


Wingårdh Architects designed the VillAnn Residence in Gothenburg, Sweden.

via this design blog.



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