#salone, 2009, april 22-27, artist paper, bin liner, Dismettiamola!, Domenico Orefice, Emanuele Pizzolorusso, Fabbrica del Vapore, fabriano, Milan Design Week, milano, paper mill, prototype, Riccardo Nannini, stationery, trashbin, waste paper bin

fabriano: bin, liner, cupcake?

the name “fabriano” is a respected paper mill that makes wonderful artist’s paper and stationery.  the waste paper basket of the same name is part of an exhibition at  Dismettiamola! at #salone (milan design week.) the trashbin design mimicks cupcake and muffin liners, which are also sold and packaged in the same way; with the subsequent liner nestled in the former. in this design, however, the trashbin liners are also the trashbin. clever. not only does the liner in the “fabriano” make it easier to empty the trash, it also keeps the bin clean. 


design by: riccardo nannini, domenico orefice and emanuele pizzolorusso. 


The bin consists of fifty pleated-paper containers, nesting inside one another.


When the top container is full it can be removed and disposed of, leaving the next one lining the bin.





the designers statement: FABRIANO WASTE PAPER BIN (Prototype) by Riccardo Nannini + Domenico Orefice + Emanuele Pizzolorusso.

Fabriano is a basket made entirely of recycled paper. The thin layers consist of 50 disposable bags and when the bin is full you just have to extract the bag and throw it away, the layer beneath is ready to collect more paper. The shape of a “muffin cup” is easy to produce and allows to obtain the shape of a classic office bin, as well as it gives a personality to it.



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