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happy 420 peeps.

we all smoked pot at one time or another. when i began my pot career, bongs were hideous; they were gaudy and looked like a tie dyed t-shirt past its prime. a few industrious people fashioned versions out of clay and other materials, but the selection in 2009 is mind boggling (and high tech.)

in honor of april 20 {420} and the san rafael high school kids (for whom the moniker “420” was coined), a luxurious sample of the fab accoutrements now available. if i weren’t sober (2 years PLUS!) i would be toking with the tastefully streamlined white pipe below. for those of you who still indulge, you can do so in m0dern style. celebrate “420” with a new bong! 

cool carbon fibre is m0dern with subtle lines. the only ornament is the texture of the carbon fibre and shiny metal. from the Purisme collection!:

Buy it here.

narghile etian coral design available in two colorways (i’m partial to the chrome/red combo [with pearls!]; the gold is a bit “donald trump” for me.) these lovlies are designed by Nedda El-Asmar


And the Narghile Coral in red:

this pipe is my favourite of the lot; super clean, contemporary design. made of natural acrylic stone, stainless steel, and leather; feast your eyes on the narghile white by Tribu Design for Airdiem:


places to ogle and purchased luxury bongs and hookahs:
Illadelph Glass Gallery
Luxury Bongs from Jupiter Grass
Wild Hand Blown Glass Bongs, pipes and more from It’s All Goodz
Everyone Does It
For tons of intense artist hand blown glass bubblers, check out this site.

the pics of bongs/hookahs were nicked from [ifitshipitshere


One thought on “happy 420 peeps.

  1. sid stromsdorfer says:

    The white one looks like a MAC Bong. Not a ‘golden arches’ thing. An IPod Bong if you will. I preferred mine cooked. My mother’s recipe for brownies, and a dab of ice cream – your choice in flavor. Hot fudge on top with whip cream and nuts. You were good to go for 24 hours.

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