accumulate, amusing, boxes, furniture, moving, parcel, pathology, procrastination, sweden, swedish, TAF, too much stuff, trompe l'oeil, unpack, ups

procrastination meets trompe l’oeil.

never have i unpacked every last box from a move. a giant artifact of this procrastination now sits in the basement of my house. move, a few boxes are left unpacked. move again, more boxes and the piles grow. it’s far too embarrassing and the pathology too deep to divulge the amount of stuff i own that have not seen the light of day for decades. we will not go there.

swedish designers/architects TAF have designed an amusing furniture range wrapped like parcels. imagine ups just delivered your belongings to your doorstep and instead of unpacking, you thought better of it. yes, you decided to live life with the procrastinators of the world. you used those parcels as furniture. welcome to my world.

more on  TAF  soft parcel range (as seen on dezeen.)




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