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compact kitcsh-en.

more multi-tasking is afoot. this time, a closet that looks like a kitchen nook, feels like a nook, works like a nook. using the idea employed by pull-out sections in a caravan, ilha oelschlägel has made a compact nook that looks like a great kid’s toy, but is, in fact, a bona-fide eating area. 

the piece doesn’t have appliances, but the wee nook appears to have been drawn with a sharpie on a white wall. seen in the illustrations below, the seating pulls out along with a table. a pendant light illuminates the half open unit and also pulls out to light the eating/seating area. with storage so dear, this will appeals to the space conscious as well as those who like a little whimsy. i happen to like both.

compact kitchen designed by Ilja Oelschlägel [via LikeCool.com]

for more info: http://www.compact-kitchen.de/omasrache.html



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