blade, carry on luggage, comb, comb-at, combmando, good weapon, knife, lorenzo damiani, mimic, novelty item, serrated edge, shiv, smuggle, studiobo design, swiss army knife, tines, weapon, wonder?, yanko design

self defense and/or combs? you decide.

i’m a big fan of the swiss army knife (the model on steroids is a personal fave.) i like items that multi-task. variety is the spice of life, eh?

need a shiv, knife, blade or a comb? lorenzo damiani (red “comb-at” ) and studiobo design (“combmando” in assorted colors) can deliver in your request. the comb/knife “combos” are a simple idea but clever and cheeky.

i love how the tines mimic the serrated edge of a proper knife. however, upon reading the post, i couldn’t help but wonder:

  • could you put a comb-at in your carry on luggage?
  • could you smuggle a comb-at into a prison?
  • would the comb-at be a reasonably good weapon or a novelty item?
  • if made with a reasonably rigid and simultaneously strong material, could it inflict a serious wound, ERM, i mean will it make my hair tangle free?
  • list tbc.

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