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semiotics, pigs, shoes, guns. who is ted noten and why is he reading my mind??

ted noten’s jewelry and assorted assemblages pack one powerful punch. while the work is derivative (think damien hirst), the way in which noten uses materials trumps a trite reference here and there. for those of us who are trying to reduce the amount of things we own, noten’s work double tasks as wearable art.

the porcine related baubles have most of my attention, but the resin non-functional bags are fascinating. i’m not digging that he used a pork chop in one, but i still respect the chutzpah with which it was intended. the semiotic rings, fashioned in gold, are delish. i  love them worn in a huge stacked , expensive clump.

his cv, below has some very tasty nuggets. clearly his experience as a bricklayer and psychiatric nurse prepared him for his current career. 

CV Ted Noten
Born 18-12-1956, Tegelen
m.-1.88 meter-blue

1975-1976 Bricklayer
1976-1980 Nurse in a psychiatric hospital
1980-1983 Traveller
1983-1986 Academy for Applied Arts, Maastricht, NL.
1986-1990 Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, NL.
2005-2008 Senior International Research Fellow, School of Jewellery, Birmingham City University, England

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