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do you draw every day?

keep that creative spark going:

for the first seven years, i kept sheets over my white couch to keep it clean. in its eighth year, the artifacts of daily use dot the fabric along with a even coat of errant dog hair. i have finally let the couch be what it wants to be.

what SHOULD have happened the day it arrived: a sharpie party. i should have invited my creative friends round to have a go at drawing on the thing with every color and width of sharpie. next time i buy a white couch, i will remember this. the likelihood of me purchasing another piece of furniture in white? NIL. but if i do, i’ll bust out the sharpies to take the edge off.

Link via Doodle Anonymous

and czech out this dress! perfect for situations in which you need to be presentable but are attending what can only be described as a violently boring event (church, graduation, funeral, wedding, etc.). this could keep me from fidgeting for quite a long time. carrying lots of colors in a tasteful clutch might pose a problem…

colour-in dress By Berber Soepboer & Michiel Schuurman 2008 ( )



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