1957-1967, anaheim, ca, disney, disneyland, future, goody & hamilton, house of the future, implicit promise of the future, microfibre, modern, modern appliances, monsanto, monsanto house of the future, plastic, polyester, sexy curves

okay, this is more like it: the implicit promise of the future from disney, circa 1967.

now dismantled (sniff), the monsanto house of the future was worth all the hassle of disneyland. it was a walk through plastic house with m0dern appliances, plastic furnishings and clothes made entirely of poly and esther! clearly thinking they (monsanto) couldn’t deliver this eyecandy for real, the exhibit lasted a measly 10 years. AHEM. my closet is full of polyester microfibre blends, plastic and polycarbonate furnishings fill my house, and i would give my incisors to have those sexy curves define my home on the river. dig this sad story quoted from [insert source here]:

“When it was dismantled, the house was so indestructible that the crew gave up and left some of the support pilings in place (they can still be seen in Neptune’s Grotto between the Tomorrowland entrance and Fantasyland). Supposedly the planned one-day demolition ended up taking two weeks as the wrecking ball just bounced off the exterior. Workers cut the house into pieces with hacksaws.” [question: why dismantle the thing if it was putting up such a good fight? the future wanted to be there, but disney wouldn’t have it. once again, silly people thwarting the future. i am NOT amused.]

Monsanto House of the Future, 1957–1967, by Marvin Goody & Richard Hamilton, Disneyland, Anaheim, California, USA:



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