anne coulter, arianna huffington, bill o'reilly, children's table, deborah tannen, guest list, ideal dinner party, imbroglio, jon stewart, jonah lerher, maira kalman, malcolm gladwell, margaret cho, michael steele, no dessert, rachel maddow, rush limbaugh, russell brand, sean hannity, stephen fry, thom browne

my ideal dinner party.

here’s my ideal dinner party list so far (and in no particular order):

  • jon stewart
  • deborah tannen
  • maira kalman
  • thom browne
  • rachel maddow
  • jonah lerher
  • malcolm gladwell
  • stephen fry
  • margaret cho
  • arianna huffington
  • russell brand

at the children’s table:

  • rush limbaugh
  • michael steele
  • sean hannity
  • anne coulter
  • bill o’reilly

[should an imbroglio erupt with the kids, they are on their own. and even *if* they behave, they still don’t get dessert.]


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