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there was a kerfuffle. pepsi and tropicana.

the arnell group rebranded both pepsi and tropicana recently, to very negative reviews. so much bad energy was generated by the tropicana re-do that the company decided to return to previous packaging. i know there are many people (designers) that have fingers crossed in anticipation pepsico follows suit.

okay, so the rebrands weren’t the best. i inspected the tropicana packaging; i found it passable, especially with the charming orange shaped screw top lid. it didn’t WOW me, but i wasn’t offended. pepsi, on the other hand, looked like the bad fallout from a student competition gone wrong. too stark. too edited. not clever. certainly not on a level to compete with coke. but who really cares, anyway? i don’t drink pepsi and i never will. i just visually edit out the offending packages when i’m at the market. not difficult to do, as they don’t really stand out on the shelves anyway.

i read a bit of the documentation for the pepsi rebrand. it struck me as a hybrid of metaphysical and alchemy mish-mash brainwashing kind of stuff. a “let’s pull the wool over their eyes!” kind of thing. impressive that they managed to get from point a) landing the job to b) seeing the new designs on shop shelves everywhere. that piece of the process made an impression to be sure.

SO, why, after hearing months of whinging and moaning about the pepsi and tropicana ads, do i slither across these STUNNING vodka bottles by same? clearly (pun intended) the vodka packaging world is supremely competitive. the shelf is typically a small vodka package design gallery unto its own. there is a new package to entertain voddie lovers on a regular basis. some stand out head and shoulders above the rest. that arnell produced these bitty gems is reason to dig deeper into their gestalt; one part of my brain wants to forget they existed [pepsi] and another wants to work for them [vodka bottle triumphs.] while i noodle around on the internets trying to figure out what arnell is all about, please enjoy the designs below. i find #4 and #5 of particular interest. i consider #5 to be a minimalist masterpiece.

say what you want about the kerfuffle. arnell hit the bullseye with #4 and #5, and #1, #2 and #3 are not slouches either. #2 is particularly un-slouchy.

left to right, #1, #2 and #3

left to right, #1, #2 and #3

left to right, #4, and the spectacular #5.

left to right, #4, and the spectacular #5.


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