acapella, backup singer, bad singing, bathing room theme, chemical brothers, coat hooks mimic shower heads, deva premal, filipino relatives, fingernails on chalkboard, japanese design, karaoke tub interior, low light, migraine waiting to happen, mitigate shyness, nendo, seating area inside "tub", sing in car, sing in shower, singing

nendo strikes again: with karaoke?

i love to sing. and i love to sing really loud. there is just one teency weency problem with all this singing. i am a really bad singer. those who have heard me frequently use the term “fingernails on a chalkboard.”.

so, to protect those i love (and the world at large) from the horrible shrieking, i seclude myself when singing. most often, singing takes place in the car: windows up, stereo REALLY loud, and me pretending to be a backup singer for deva premal to the chemical brothers and everything in between. another location for singing is the bath or shower. i prefer the car to the bath, as the bathroom lacks a good sound system. i offend myself singing acapella. not a pretty sound.

the japanese also like to sing. except they are more public – hence karaoke. (my filipino relatives also share the karaoke love, but i maintain karaoke is a migraine waiting to happen.) with my fear of public singing, and love of singing in private, when i saw this karaoke room, i almost felt like nendo (japanese design studio) was reading my mind.

lit by low light in an all white interior, the seating area is cleverly disguised as a luxurious soaking tub. there is a sense of intimate togetherness (in a bathtub!) for singers and listeners, which serves to mitigate imminent embarrassment and shyness. coat hooks that mimic shower heads continue the ongoing bathroom theme. this room still won’t convince me to sing in public (well maybe with very close family and friends ONLY), but the concept and execution of this idea is stellar. 



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