cheerful on a snowy dreary day, every day, fluorescent pink, halloween, hallowig, hat/wig hybrid, ideas collide, knit hair, knit wig, megan reardon, pink, pink hair, wig hat

quick! knit me a fluorescent pink wig.

i was tickled {i’m not going to say it} when i saw this knit wig. not only is it stylish, but it’s a great use of surplus materials and can indulge one’s love of lurid colors. the inventor of said wig, megan reardon “thinks about halloween all year long.” 

i’m thinking this is fun for everyday wear, particularly in colder climes to keep one’s head warm. it would certainly put a spring in my step if i had to trudge around in ice and snow. oooh! how about a similar idea in gore tex as a rain hat? 

it’s a hat/wig hybrid. i love it when ideas collide. for knitting instructions:



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