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personally, i have nothing against pope benedict. however, i do think that he and the catholic church should have a quick glance at the calendar. it’s 2009, catholic church…are you listening??

his honey the pope (and by proxy, the catholic church and teachings of cathol) recently made a very public trip to the african continent. apparently, the pope wanted to welcome all the new sheep to his anachronistic flock. surely while he was there he hoped to add even more to the roster?

i think all we can ask of anyone is to do the best they can. how can we expect more if they haven’t got it to give? i am bending my rules a bit here as the best pope benedict could do while visiting africa was to further tow the catholic right-to-life and no-birth-control line. say WHAT? in a continent where the incidents of AIDS rises at an alarming rate, and where children are born into the world with no food to eat? no no no. the best the pope had to give was uninformed, irresponsible and well, inappropriate. and that is NOT okay. his best was NOT enough.

someone in a cardinal, bishop or priest suit needs to step up and say (in a way that the pope would understand) that these teachings are in fact, not appropriate for anyone in 2009, particularly for those living on a continent with wild misinformation about the AIDS epidemic. (that’s another blah-g post, for a more learned person, not me.) birth control is absolutely essential as the world population is bursting at the seams. and condoms? USE THEM. everyone. just use them. don’t spread bad ju-ju or stds. in other words, don’t listen to the pope.

someone of import has boldly come forth to tell the pope he is dead wrong. unforch, said person is an aethiest, and unlikely to capture the ear of the world’s most powerful religious figure. forch, he is a brilliant academician, and he speaks logic in large doses. richard dawkins, i salute thee. you called the pope “stupid!” i have to admit on a visceral level, i was quite cheered that someone called the pope “stupid.” on an intellectual level, i believe someone had to say it out loud.

to read more about dawkins’ stupid pope proclamation, follow this link:



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