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new tony cragg.

Born in Liverpool, Tony Cragg Lives and works in Wuppertal, Germany.

Sculpture by Tony Cragg, at Buchmann Galerie

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hindu spring festival HOLI should be celebrated world-wide.




the Celebration of Colors  is a GORGEOUS hindu spring festival, also known as holi. it is celebrated in hindu communities eager to slather themselves in head to toe color. 

photography by poras chaudhary: here

via Scene 360 Illusion 

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investing in an eichler was a no-brainer. remodeling? i was out of ideas.

when trolling for real estate ten years ago, i was given the option of purchasing a vintage eichler. i’d seen about 100 or more properties, and the low ceilings, bad insulation and small rooms didn’t inspire many ideas. we opted for a much larger space. if we doubled wall thickness [they were cardboard thin!], and managed a bold remodel like the one below (by Modative )…i could have lived with the eichler.

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colorful bath by delpha

being a homeowner is a big deal (for those who aren’t wealthy.) building and remodeling decisions are always made with a blend of personal taste and resale value in mind. unforch, the end product can sometimes be tasteful, but lack any kind of design punch.

one must be particularly careful when selecting bath fixtures. in my experience, going a bit m0dern and minimalist is the best route. however, when i saw the delpha baths below (with gorgeous iridescent sparkly mosaic tiles), i admit i was rethinking.

they are clearly not for the faint of color. they are bold and say something very specific about color and design yet some how the rarely-seen-in-the-bath colors become less brash with the correct selection of wall color and tiles (metioned above.) the actual porcelain fixtures remain white, which brings us back to personal taste and resale value. if, in a fit of insanity, someone felt as though they needed an all white bath, they could paint, remove tile and refinish the face of the cabinets. listen, after i’ve banked the money for the house, i don’t care what the next person does! 

“attention to detail…vanities…cabinets inspire the bold designs, fabulous tiling, and other themes…Moroccan style bathroom featuring vanities in wenge wood and glossy blackcurrant…also comes in brilliant oranges and pinks…” 



abstract photography? uh huh.

at first glance, the images below may seem unremarkable. look closer. you will discover the most mundane materials, images and movement can create incredibly powerful and iconic images. the technique with which markus georg conjures his photography is at once clunky and consummately elegant. 

perhaps the process of making these photographs is just as interesting as the artifacts? 

see m0re by Markus Georg (even better if you read german!)

the images, from top to bottom: (september 11, eiffel tower, frankfurt skyline & stonehenge.)(september 11, eiffel tower, frankfurt skyline & stonehenge.)