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this is the best climbing wall EVER.


lane sipahimalani

lane sipahimalani

neal sipahimalani

neal sipahimalani






i know two spider monkeys, male, 16 years old. they are my nephews, lane and neal sipahimalani. they first climbed at a sport store 5 years ago. that same year, they were participants in the national comp for top roping.

this incredible athletic talent yields yearly appearances at national bouldering and rock climbing events. my thoughts: if they had an amazing coach, they would could easily qualify for international competitions.

one item in my bucket list is to video the two climbing the wall illustrated below. design group nendo visually redefined the indoor climbing wall that surely impresses even the most pedestrian observer. accoring to oki sato, nendo mastermind, the wall was designed to “reconstitute the everyday by collecting and reshaping small moments hidden in our everyday into something that’s easy to understand.” (the wall is located in the illoiha fitness center, omotesando district, tokyo, japan.) 

in the climbing world of my nephews, fiberglass stone and mock rock overhangs reign ubiquitous. the amazing wall illustrated below is the nendo interpretation of a chic interior of baroque picture frames, mirrors, deer heads, bird cages and flower vases. lane and neal’s climbing experience in this space would be where my life and their lives intersect. design and climbing. 

please note: the persons photographed in below are not taking any safety precautions. as a climbing enthusiast, i would NOT recommend this!



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