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p. g. wodehouse would LOVE these pendants.


the jeeves and wooster pendant lights pictured below are by english designer jake phipps. phipps cleverly takes the sartorial symbols of master and servant from the p. g. wodehouse novels and spins them into fabulous lighting.

for those of you who aren’t fans of wodehouse (shame on you!), the jeeves is the bowler and the wooster is the top hat. once the m0ddie/miggle show is moved across the pond, perhaps we can score a couple or more of these witty fixtures for the new digs. at about $500 each, they’re worth every penny to a diehard wodehouse fan. for philistines? not so much.



One thought on “p. g. wodehouse would LOVE these pendants.

  1. I am a PGW fan(so, no shame on me). But not s fan who is ‘rolling’ or ‘stinking’ as Plum would have said. No facy fittings for me, thank you, sire. Yet the info is filed into my cortical CPU. Read cat-alytic conversion from my blog and see how profoundly PGW affects his fans’ style. Cheers.

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