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meeus serves up gorgeous space savers for the bathroom.

sinks and bathtubs both use faucets, so why not share one? while i can safely say the meeus tub/sink combos are on the high end of bathroom fixtures, the idea is great and more space can be saved. check out the soft integrated lighting; always welcome in a room where one is meant to relax in a nice warm bubble bath.

interesting too, because most of us have only experienced tubs and sinks installed near or on a wall, where the plumbing is easily accessed. this type of fixture could be installed in the center of the room, allowing space all around. i’m definitely a fan. now i have to wait for knockoffs to hit the market , dropping the prices.



2 thoughts on “meeus serves up gorgeous space savers for the bathroom.

  1. Ken says:

    I really like that it breaks the mold of the usual bathroom. However, I wish the design would fit in most small bathrooms.

    • m0ddie says:

      it could be mounted on one wall, as long as there was space on the sink and tub sides to navigate. i think it could fit in a differently shaped bathroom. they’re thought of as narrow and long to accomodate the fixtures. if the space was rethought…more in a square shape, it would work great. and who knows? they might make a smaller version, with a footprint more akin to the japanese soaking tubs. i’d love that!

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