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looking forward to downsizing? YES.

i am moving across the pond soon, so my eyes are peeled; they’re hungry for space saving ideas. to say that we will be downsizing is an understatement. all my friends and family that are used to luxury accommodations? that era is soon to end.

these rooms are made for children, but the clever ideas can be easily translated into adult sized solutions. not too daunting for DIY, either:



4 thoughts on “looking forward to downsizing? YES.

    • m0ddie says:

      i agree 100%. i think that’s why i like them…in a dorm room you have a finite amount of space and you have to be very clever how you use it. since we are going to have about 1/8 the space we have now, i have to keep my eyes and ears open for good ideas. and i SO wished i’d paid more attention in furniture making. i’m just terrified of power tools!

  1. I love it. They have these amazing models at IKEA where they design a full living, bedroom, living room and bath in 300, 500 and 800 square feet…and it does not look or feel cluttered.

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