clever design, eddie izzard, gizmo, innovative design, shark, sharkie, sharkie-sharkie, tea, tea infuser, whimsical design

and he swam “like a sharkie-sharkie.”

yeah, i just quoted eddie izzard. it’s appropriate here; czech out this clever design for a tea infuser, below. so, it’s a sharkie-sharkie and i bet you all a million bux eddie izzard drinks tea. šŸ˜€

i can’t recall at this moment in time where i first saw this whimsical gizmo, but i will keep searching for more information and will post here. it really should come with a *jaws* musical soundtrack, don’t you think?



2 thoughts on “and he swam “like a sharkie-sharkie.”

  1. annie says:

    so glad i have a friend in high design. the tattooed pig has me sick. keep em on kat von d. you are motivatin me to reopen my blog. closed it when dad died. just couldn’t write anymore. but he’d not like that atall.

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