alexander mcqueen, artistry, bin liner, blow up sex dolls, bubble wrap, chanel, conscientiousness, cremaster, deep vision, every detail considered, excess is best, extreme, houndstooth, if you have the balls, if you're wealthy enough, john galliano, litany of fashion bests, matthew barney (again), mc escher, meticulous tailoring, tarted up models, thorough, varying scales, well crafted

if you’re wealthy enough, you can wear alexander mcqueen’s clothing. that is, if you’ve got the balls..

when mcqueen first toddled onto the fashion scene, i wasn’t impressed. as time moved forward, i saw his vision grow deeper and his talent for tailoring punctuate and articulate his artistry. he’s shown some amazing, phenomenal clothing. and always meticulously tailored and executed. every last tiny little detail is considered. if nothing else, one has to admire his conscientiousness [is that a word?].

while the fall 2009 runway didn’t make me squeal, it did galvanize the comments in the previous paragraph. no matter what, mcqueen will put on a very thorough and well crafted show. this time, he also threw in some social commentary. thoughts i got? 

  • models tarted up to look like inflatable sex companions
  • life of the party
  • so, don’t you like bubble wrap? and it’s so lovely with bin liners, no?
  • the turnouts were kind of a litany of fashion “bests” by chanel, etc.
  • i see the references to m.c. escher, don’t you?
  • mcqueen is extreme
  • excess is certainly best in some situations
  • when in doubt, pile on more houndstooth, in a different scales
  • as with john galliano’s men’s 2009 collection… a cremaster visual reference (matthew barney)



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