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revisiting maison martin margiela:

margiela, a brilliant clothing designer (belgian) was not on my radar before this week [hanging my head in shame]; possibly because he isn’t photographed nor does he grant interviews. he has a complete and utter disregard for wearable items yet his ideas filter down into the mainstream like clockwork. he is prescient or are other designers just mimicking?

i posted his wig coat previously, but want to shove some more pics on here because the work blurs the lines between art/craft/design. this penchant i have for ideas and things that straddle these labels is likely an artifact of my art school education, where being a “craftsperson” was a lower rank than an “artist” and the entire debate of which label you owned was the talk of the day. i was schooled in ceramics at the california college of arts and crafts [now known as california college of the arts, or cca] and considered a lowly “craftsperson.” but apparently i was a really talented and gifted craftsperson. but still lowly. trust me, i am anything but “lowly.” and why did the school change its name? perhaps the labels made them feel less of an art school. labels are pretty potent things, particularly if the person doing the labeling is an authority figure.

so now, when i see anything that blurs the lines of art/craft/design [labels which i find silly and unnecessary] i get all giddy inside. i can’t get enough of it. break rules, confound the critics, blaze new [or revisit old] trails. enjoy the edited margiela:



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