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spring flowers*: you are on NOTICE!

it is one of the most life affirming things to trundle downstairs to the kitchen, see a dainty finch on the windowsill, and further afield, daffodils peeking out of the brown earth.

i always forget these darling, charming, lovely harbingers of spring bring me untold pain and discomfort. when spring has sprung, so too has the pollen in its wake. and the pollen, she does not like me. no, she does not like me at all.

so, to add to the pharmacy of medications i take for various and sundry maladies, i must now add a spray for my nose, more antihistime, eyedrops on the hour and a daily inhaler. and i dare not go outside the house without my trusty albuterol.

i told my doc once i didn’t like the way all the meds made me feel “jumpy” and “shaky.” he looked me straight in the eye and said, “well, would you rather breathe and be jumpy or be dead?” nice.

so, if i seem a bit out of sorts, or if i complain more than my usual amount, or if i flake out, please remember that i have horrid allergies and even worse asthma. i apologize to everyone in advance as i know this fault of mine will undoubtedly cause some, if not a lot of disturbance. 

blame not me. blame those beautiful trees with the gorgeous, fragrant blossoms. they are the villains in this story!

the pollen count today in atlanta is 386.

from the AJC: [The pollen count is the amount of pollen particles measured within the last 24 hours in a cubic meter of air.

  • 0-30 Low Only people extremely sensitive to these pollens & molds will have symptoms.
  • 31-60 Moderate Many people sensitive to these pollens & molds will have symptoms.
  • 61-120 High Most people with any sensitivity to these pollens & molds will have symptoms.
  • +120 Extremely High Almost all people with any sensitivity at all to these pollens & molds will have symptoms. Extremely sensitive people could have severe symptoms.

*not to be confused with the creed fragrance by the same name, although i am also allergic to that. one can avoid fragrances; not so with the atmosphere.


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