barbie, beautificent, charbonnel et walker, diagonally striped sheath and jacket, isaac mizrahi, liz claiborne, optically active, pink champagne truffles, pom-pom

more mizrahification.

liz claiborne is smiling, wherever she is. isaac’s new spring collection (for the rest of us who don’t want to pay $1200 for a blouse) is charming. my fave? the diagonal stripe sheath and matching jacket [ ]. it’s so optically active, people won’t know how thin/thick you are. and i just learned that isaac also loves Charbonnel et Walker’s Pink Marc de Champagne Truffles . they look like they could either be barbie-sized ottomans or pink pom-poms. and yes, i am pom-pom crazed at the moment. aren’t the truffles old-school beautificent? gimme.



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