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a little bit of seriousness, if you please.

for 50 years, i have been waiting for leadership. i have been waiting for something in which to believe. i have been waiting for someone to take care of issues in our own backyard. i have been waiting to see people that need help receive help. most of all, i have been waiting to feel like i make a difference, i am part of something, i belong, i am included.

surely i am looking at the new presidency with rose colored glasses. i know nothing is perfect. i know changes are going to take time. and i know barack obama is just a man

there was so much fiddle-dee-dee about americans wanting someone in the white house that would be “like them, someone with whom they could have a beer.” enter palin and joe the plumber and this that and the other. i know many americans admire their “you betchya” and “just like me” qualities, but are those qualifications to lead the country? no, those are qualifications for people with whom you meet up at the pub after work. the people with whom you have tailgate parties and barbecues. do you feel your bff could lead this country out of the biggest mess in history? i believe most would answer “no.”

i have a different opinion about who should lead this country. i don’t want to have someone in the white house that will necessarily be like me. i want and need someone in the white house who has more intellect and emotional intelligence than me. i want someone who can get the the trains running on time, our ducks in a row. i want someone who can sort out this quagmire of us vs. them, the wars, the economy and all the other stuff that isn’t working. which at the moment, is pretty much everything.

the obamas *do* represent a family role model for this country. they *are* smart. sometimes i almost think they are too good to be true. but i also know they are just people and barack obama is just a man. an extraordinary man, without doubt. but someone with whom i would gladly break bread, welcome into my home and have welcomed into my life. and whether he knows it or not, he has invited me into his life, his presidency, and the government which he now leads. there is an implicit invitation for every single person in the united states to be part of this new government. how inclusive is that?

finally, there is a place to go for answers [ ]. clearly, the public will not be privy to all that goes on in the white house, but using digital media to keep a nation informed and connected is not only genius but very gracious. a presidency with manners, intelligence, humanity, authenticity and empathy. know that the communication goes both ways: [ ] is a site where you can ask questions, make suggestions, communicate ideas and just say what you think.

there are many in this country that would like to see obama fail. why be so childish, naive and vindicitive? if obama fails, the united states will indeed become the untied states. that handbasket you see heading to hell? that’s where this country will be if obama fails. as it is, we are hanging by a thread. we are very close to failing and someone is trying to lead a desperate nation and keep us out of that handbasket. do you think your bff could do that?

so the rose coloured glasses are staying on, folks. by the end of the week, the economic stimulus [while far from perfect] will be signed. but you see? everything is imperfect. we have to follow the leader, jump in the deep end and if we can’t quite swim to the edge of the pool, we’ll try something else. there is a tenacious man in the white house and he’s going to keep trying. for the first time in my life, i am going to keep trying too.

[i apologise in advance for this very out of character and serious post. it needed purging and i don’t have a shrink appointment scheduled at the moment.]


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