beds as the new table and chairs, eating in bed, ice cream, jabba-the-hut-i'm-a-lazy-fat-ass-habit, promotional stunt, publicity stunt, restaurant bed, tokyo

folks are *still* trying to make beds the new ~table and chairs~.

remember the restaurant bed? you ate your meal on a bed. uhm, if am so lazy i am eating in bed, i feel pretty lame. if i can’t get out of bed, i am eating in bed because i am ill. eating in bed is not a good habit. it’s a jabba-the-hut-i’m-a-lazy-fat-ass-habit.

imagine my surprise when i saw this piccie of people eating ice cream, listening to a live symphony, on a bed. this photo does not document a recurring event, it was just a promotional stunt in tokyo to debut the new luxury line of haagen daz ice cream. and even in formal drag, they are still jabba-the-huttin’ it. 



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