extra padding, hyper realism, lose weight, photo realism, pinched flesh

most of us have padding…

most of us want to lose weight. the goal to lose weight is a national obsession and a huge money making market. magazines, medicine [weight charts? lies, lies, lies] and society in general would have us believe that most of us have too much padding.

someone out there has found beauty in extra padding, and has gone to a great deal of trouble to make their position known. the images below are drawings, folks: not photographs. while the flawless technique of the drawings is evident, don’t be too impressed…photo realism is just that. drawing copied from a photograph. far less tedious than drawing from life. easier, because the picture plane is already 2D, no need to scrutinize a model squishing flesh to translate 3D to 2D. no, drawing from real models is truly where talent lies, yet i don’t want to short change these images. they are definitely high quality, and their message is one most of us welcome with open [yet too padded] arms.




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