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kanye west is certifiable. and delusional. and completely self-obsessed.

is it possible that kanye west is suffering from narcissistic personality disorder?? well he is certainly keen on his new name “louis vuitton don” than making sure he’s actually promoting their goods instead of their rivals, goyard.

back to the narcissistic personality disorder issue: as an avid student of psychology, one of my hobbies is using the DSM IV to “diagnose” those individuals that display personality and other disorders. [mind, this is limited to people in the public eye. i don’t “diagnose” everyone i see or with whom i come in contact.] kanye west definitely displays enough features to be diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder. kanye now joins another of my favorite nutjobs: dennis blagojovich. but he is an entirely different and much longer, sordid story. he’s another blog entry all to himself.

re: celebrity videos. what kind of person watches/listens to “personal message” videos from celebrities? what kind of celebrity is so self-obsessed they feel their public is salivating to know more about them? how crass and new money is it to want, want, want designer labels to validate new found wealth and social stature?

having said all that, i did watch part of this video (i couldn’t continue with the remainder, the ego and self-love was a bit too much for my delicate stomach this early in the day.) plus, having kanye west even mentioned on my blah-g is unpleasant. so you can watch the video in its entirety. let me know if he says anything of interest, or for that matter, anything intelligent. (i don’t plan on hearing from anyone on those points.)

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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