cremaster, john galliano, matthew barney, pirates of the caribbean, poncey fop, scantily clad, solicitors

john galliano fall 2009 men’s collection: cremaster, pirates, solicitors and the requisite poncey fop. no, that doesn’t include galliano. he’s the extra poncey fop.

to be fair, galliano has always fancied pirates and tri corner hats, even before johnny depp made them chic. somehow, mixing that imagery with matthew barney’s cremaster content is a bit disconcerting. layer on top of that, the models slithered down the runway looking like they were either vampires, zombies or both with the deathmask maquillage. throw in a poncey fop, a couple of scantily clad old-school solicitors, and bob’s yer uncle.

uhm is this wrong? i know the scantily glad models are for the benefit of gay men (or galliano’s amusement), but the d00d in red gartered leggings looks hot in that drag and in the foto directly above. is it weird i think that looks sexy?? i have to admit, i am really grooving on the leggings, skirts, shrugs, tight/revealing sweaters that the designers are serving up this season. maybe we are seeing equal clothing rights, and equal oogling rights as well. 😀

84426611_10preview  84426631_10preview1

84426578_10preview 84426755_10preview


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