batten down the hatches, dream world, feeding families, insulated, losing homes, losing jobs, recession, safe, sharing, still rich

two sides to this story:

silly me, while sitting in my comfy house, watching all the hub-bub about the economy…thought “well at least *we’re* safe from all this hoo-haw.” guess what? i’m living in a dream world. we’re battening down the hatches just like everyone else. i’m not enjoying it, but i am learning valuable lessons about what is really necessary for one’s existence. short story: we aren’t traveling, shopping or fine dining. all the frills have been cut.
here’s where we are:












and then there is this abomination which retails for over $2.5k. if you have money at this point in time, now is the time to share with those who are losing their homes, can’t feed their families and most importantly, losing their jobs. shame on anyone who purchases and/or wears the shirt below. if you do, *i spit in your general direction!*



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