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authenticity. you can’t fake it.

i spent my entire day yesterday glued to my laptop, watching on one side of the screen and conversing with friends on facebook on the other. the O44 inauguration was no doubt historical but it was also poignant, real and inclusive. yesterday was a very good day for the entire world. and one of the coolest things is that barack obama doesn’t take the credit. he puts it firmly in the hands of the people who worked tirelessly to elect him, the people who volunteer and to everyone being called to duty in the name of national healing. barack obama is awesome. with him i will now roll.

one of the qualities i find so intriguing and remarkable about this man is his willingness to show his emotions. these photos illustrate a man who means what he says and walks his talk. you cannot act like you love someone with this much conviction, and you don’t hug a child while you savor his good energy unless you really mean it.


and this great example, with an bonus section in pink.

and this great example, with an bonus section in pink.


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