cake, cute, death, evil cute, hello kitty, meaning, pastry, wedding, wedding dresses = meringue, world visual culture

category: i believe it but i don’t.

the image of hello kitty has become so entrenched in the world visual culture that i have jumped ship and am now on the side of “evil cute” instead of just “cute.”

truly, it is silly to buy a dress of meringue to wear for a portion of one day for a ceremony that is largely meaningless to me. commitment is where it’s at…not some silly church or justice of the peace. want to know how to make a wedding even more meaningless? purchase and wear one of the abominations shown below.

and the last picture shows the perfect accoutrement if you absolutely have to have a reception, party or otherwise festive event.

28401_2_4681 28401_3_4681 


hello kitty's been served.

hello kitty's been served.


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