john drake, number six, patrick mcgoohan, secret agent, the prisoner, the simpsons

the ultimate combination of complexity + cool.

he played john drake on secret agent. he played number six on the prisoner. he was born in 1928, and today, patrick mcgoohan died after a brief illness.


this is a sad day for those of us who loved his work, and even though we can continue to watch the prisoner on dvd [we’ve already seen them all dozens of times], it seems as though a little something else is gone besides the actor. in my mind, no one ever created anything as surreal, frustrating, mysterious, contradictory, and creative as the prisoner series. visually stark and rich in equal parts, the look of the prisoner was classic m0d: blue blazer with white tipping; khaki straight leg trousers, sperry deck shoes and the various and sundry bit part players that pranced around with matching multicolored hats and umbrellas. low budget with high style.






to mark the this event, i am going to do something i’ve been wanting to do for a long time: tip a navy blazer in white. and then, perhaps on the chest pocket, the prisoner mark. 




toodle pip, mcgoohan…you finally escaped. and you’ll live on in dvds and even reruns of the simpsons.


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